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The Call for Vendors!

Posted in announcements, Bubble Punch Events, promotions on July 29th, 2012

It’s time for us to celebrate Super*Market again! This time we’re sending off Summer and sending you back to school!

 Since our first reboot of Super*Market  at Meltdown Comics was such a huge success, we’ve decided to put on another. So we’re sending out the message… we want more vendors!

You know we here at Bubble Punch love to bringing you the perfect mix of cute and geeky, now we want to expand into bringing you a bigger and even better variety.

We definitely would love to keep adding to our nerd chic hub of creative and artistic vendors, so if you want to join us on August 25th at Meltdown Comics, here’s your chance!

(PDF) Applications are available here: Vendor Application Form (requires Adobe reader)

The deadline to apply is: August 18, 2012!

Please email all applications back to

Space is limited so the sooner you get these in, the better.

Hope to see all of you there!

The Eclectic, The Nerdy, and The Cute

Posted in Bubble Punch Events on April 17th, 2012

Success!  Yep, Super*Market was a success! You know how we do it here at Bubble Punch, super cute and nerdy!

We sure hope you all made it down to Meltdown Comics last Saturday for our revamped Super*Market event. If not, you really missed out on the beginning of something awesome.

Brightly coloured tentacles? Oh my!

Saturday was a blast from beginning to end.

From the fun jams that our friends at Tune in Tokyo were pumping out, the delicious treats, the amazing Snap Yourself! booth, the hilarious Defective Geeks Podcast, Nylon Pink’s special performance, to the super shopping sprees we witnessed; we’re not sure what was the best part.

Look, this party was so poppin’ that Captain America showed up!

We also had the honor of being one of the first of 10 Meltdown Comics events that was livecast on youtube. So if you didn’t make it, you can actually still see recording from our live cast:

We’re also happy to announce that Super*Market will be returning seasonally to Meltdown! That’s Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, folks!

An awesome sticker from one of our vendors.

If you missed out this round, be sure to look out for our next one. We’re still checking out calendars and making deals with the weather lords.

As always, it’s our goal is to continue to seek out the right mix of nerdy, fashionable, cute, and fabulous in So-Cal, and get it jammed into Meltdown for everyone to enjoy.

The Lady Geeks of during their live podcast at Super*Market

For more behind the scenes photos, you can always check our flickr and our Facebook page! Feel free to tag yourselves as well.

You can also find some more awesome blogs and recaps of Super*Market from our attendees and vendors, here:

Eclectic Cutie’s Photostream

Sarah the Rebel

We also want to give a huge thank you to all of our vendors and sponsors:

  • Sanrio
  • Ingram
  • Chubby Bunny
  • Nylon Pink/Hello Drama
  • Pretty Star Clothing
  • Geeky Glamorous
  • Messy Pink
  • Locketship
  • Miyu Decay
  • Miss Alphabet
  • Jupey Krusho
  • The Many Arms of Misha
  • Lil’ Rae Cakes
  • Zambi Candy
  • Oboro Charms
  • Killer Tentacle Octopus
  • Castle Corsetry
  • Her Tiny Teeth/Chunktopia
  • Happy Hoodie Friends
  • Twinkle Wish
  • Tune in Tokyo
  • Defective Geeks
  • Dokidoki Delights
  • Zippercut
  • Rae Stefanucci
  • Zilla308
  • Julie Doll

Thanks to everyone for participating and coming.  We’re really grateful for so many of you, both new and familiar faces who came out to support Bubble Punch, Meltdown Comics! All of our supporters always make these events possible, and fun.

Keep a look out, we’ll announce our next date sometime in the near future.

Also remember, for those interested in vending for participating in our future Super*Market events, please contact:

Hope you guys all had as much fun as we did!